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Econoclave Models

Select a standard Econoclave model that meets your requirements! 

Composite Ovens

Composite Ovens with CPC Controls

Hot Drape Formers

Hot drape former's increase your layup quality and lower production costs.

CPC Controls

CPC is the technology required for today's composite processing.

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Developing Advanced Solutions Today!

ASC Process Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of autoclaves and ovens for the aerospace, composites, nuclear, vulcanizing, and glass industries. We have been in business for more than 20 years and are the recognized leader in autoclave and control system technology.

The majority of aerospace companies standardize on ASC’s products, including our autoclaves, ovens, and the world-recognized CPC control system. All of our products meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry and are considered “best in class” when compared to competing products. With ASC, you are always assured of receiving the most capable and highest quality equipment available.

Browse and enjoy our web-site, which includes detailed information about our products including 3D-rotators, a history slide-show, free online CPC video tutorials, and a full-featured knowledge-base search engine.

ASC's Opens South Carolina Facility

ASC Autoclave Systems

Our new Location in South Carolina location will provide:

Sales, Service, Spare Parts, and Support.

ASC's Econoclaves in GE Capital national advertisement

A number of national newspapers ran a GE Capital ad featuring a photo of two ASC Econoclaves. ASC is the preferred autoclave supplier to Composite Horizons as well as to many GE Aircraft Engine facilities throughout the US.

(Click Image to Enlarge)

ASC's Econoclave featured in Dodge's Viper SRT Supercar documentary!

It doesn't get any cooler than this!


Checkout Dodge's great new video documentary on the 2015 Viper SRT supercar. The 20 minute video features among other things Plasan Composites and ASC's Econoclave.  This video explains how the composite parts of the Viper SRT are made and you'll see ASC's autoclave in action. So very cool.

CPC Online Tutorials

ASC's Opens Seattle Washington Facility

The Northwest Division of ASC will provide:

Sales, Service, Spare Parts, and Support

Phone & Onsite Support Packages

Bronze Support

Silver Support Gold Support

ASC offers Bronze, Silver, & Gold Support Packages. 

All of ASC's CPC (Composite Processing Control) Support Packages include telephone support with access to a live person, remote desktop support, and free CPC software upgrades. You can also choose to upgrade and include onsite visits for technical support or preventative autoclave maintenance. 

Contact our Support Team today to see which package is best for you.


In Valencia, CA


  • - Autoclave Assembly
  • - Control System Builds
  • - And more

ASC Process Systems completes
the world's largest autoclave!

ASC's Econoclave is the world's leading autoclave
system for composite processing.

Take a 360 degree virtual tour of our facilities.
Feel free to look around!

What is an Econoclave

Big Blue and the Busy Bees

A fun video showing a time-lapse of a large 15x30 Autoclave being loaded and shipped from our factory in Valencia California. This autoclave was shipped to an aerospace customer in Thailand.

360 degree birdseye view from an overhead shop crane

Hang on and enjoy an 360 degree view from one of our many overhead cranes.

Remember to use your mouse or arrow keys to change your view in the 360 video while it is playing. 

<< Click the image and take a look around!

Econoclaves in Asia

A 4.2MX12.2M Econoclave system installed in Malaysia is featured in an interesting news article about aerospace composites in Asia.


The World's
Largest Autoclave


Come with us on a
virtual facility tour!

It's the "Best in class" Autoclave System